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It's Time to Trim Your Trees

Learn about our tree trimming services in Norwalk, Bridgeport & Danbury, CT

If the trees in your yard are becoming too big for you to tame, reach out to Redwood Tree Company today. We provide top-notch tree trimming services throughout the Norwalk, Bridgeport & Danbury, CT area. We make it easy and affordable to keep the trees in your yard in tip-top shape year-round.

Are the shrubs and bushes in your yard growing out of control? No problem-we also offer shrub trimming services. Call 203-534-6482 now to arrange for professional tree care service.

Top reasons to trim your trees

When you choose Redwood Tree Company for tree and shrub trimming service in Norwalk, Bridgeport & Danbury, CT, you can rest assured that your yard is in the hands of an expert contractor. We have experience working with plants of all types and sizes. We recommend routine tree trimming services to:

  • Help your trees maintain their shape and grow to be healthy and strong
  • Prevent excessive weight on branches that could cause them to break and fall
  • Refresh the look of your trees and boost your curb appeal

Concerned about the cost of tree and shrub trimming service? Ask for a free estimate from our local tree trimming specialists.