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Say Goodbye to Obnoxious Tree Stumps

Meet with a stump grinding contractor in Norwalk, Bridgeport & Danbury, CT

Feeling stumped about how to get rid of your tree stumps? Don't waste your time trying to remove them yourself-invest in professional stump removal service from Redwood Tree Company in Norwalk, Bridgeport & Danbury, CT. We use cutting-edge stump grinding tools that are tough on stumps but gentle on your property.

There is no better time than now to sign up for stump removal service. Call Redwood Tree Company at 203-534-6482 today to get started.

3 common projects we complete

The pros at Redwood Tree Company in Norwalk, Bridgeport & Danbury, CT know a thing or two about stump grinding. Over the years, we've helped countless property owners with projects of all types. You might hire us for stump removal service if:

  1. You're removing an unwanted tree from your yard and don't want to keep the stump.
  2. You're redoing your landscape and want to remove the unsightly stump from your yard.
  3. You're preparing for a new construction project and need to clear your property of stumps.

Want more information about stump grinding? Contact Redwood Tree Company to speak with our tree care specialist.